What is Aprés?

  • Apres Gel-X nail extensions are made from the same gel that's in polish. This means they're a lot thinner, more malleable and – best of all – more natural-looking than traditional extensions.
  • Aprés Gel-X extensions are specially formulated, soak-off gel tips that ensure long-lasting, three-plus weeks adhesion to a natural nail. (A combo of these 2)

What is Hard Gel?

  • Hard gel is a nail enhancement like acrylic nails, except it cures in a LEX light.
  • Hard Gel is best used as a nail strengthener – Creating a protective layer over the natural nail. It is non soakable unlike the Aprés nail system.

What is Structure Gel? 

  • Structure Gel is great for nails that are weak and prone to breakage. It has a thicker consistency that helps to build up the apex for the nail, giving it strength and longer wear time.

Are Overlays and Structure Gel Different?

  • While they both serve as protective layers over the natural nail, overlays are done with acrylic and gel and require fill ins when they nail grows out. Because structure gel is of a thinner consistency than acrylic and hard gel, it needs to be removed before performing the service again to prevent damage from the natural nail. 
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